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En Solvo tienes la oportunidad de ganar dinero mientras haces crecer nuestro Wolfpack, es muy sencillo, envíanos los datos de un conocido que quiera trabajar con nosotros, iniciaremos un proceso de selección con tu referido y si este es contratado recibirás tu bono.

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¡Qué esperas para traer a tus amigos o familiares a nuestro Wolfpack!

Invitalos a disfrutar de beneficios increíbles:

  • Dos días libres

  • Buenos salarios

  • Oportunidades de crecimiento

  • El mejor Wolfpack

  • Solvo University

  • Gran ambiente laboral

¡¡¡ Y mucho mas !!!



Soulvers refirieron

+$13.000 USD

En premios extras

+$60.000 USD

En bonos de referidos


¡Sigamos creciendo nuestro Wolfpack,
anímate a referir más! 

Comparte oportunidades de crecimiento e invita a tus amigos a unirse a nuestro Wolfpack.



  • How can I apply?
    Send your CV to or enter and submit your application.  
  • Where can I see the open vacancies?
    We have weekly vacancies on our Instagram @Solvoglobal and LinkedIn Solvo Global Careers.
  • Do I need a college degree to apply?
    Some vacancies do need a college degree, and there are others that don’t require a college degree. 
  • What are the benefits of working in Solvo?
    Solvo has many benefits, such as:   Great salaries, 2 days off, a permanent contract, the possibility to keep studying English, Excel and more in Solvo University and more.  
  • What kind of campaigns do you manage?
    We have many campaigns for voice agents and chat representatives. And, also for back-office services.  
  • What is the most important quality to work at Solvo?
    The most important quality is to be eager to learn, kindness and great energy to work with the Wolfpack.  
  • Does Solvo have a referral program?
    Yes! We have a referral program for all Soulvers, so they can refer friends and family and add them to the Wolfpack.
  • What information should I have in my CV?
    It’s necessary to have your contact information, your experience and certificates (for high school and English)
  • How do I prepare for my interview?
    Make sure your WIFI is ok, sit in a quiet space with great lighting, explain your abilities and just be yourself.
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